Affiliation with international Organization

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 NASCIB has activities and identified programs with:

a)    Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Japan

b)   European Union (EU)

c)    Swiss Agencies for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

d)   Federation of Associations of Cottage and Small Industries (FACSI), West Bengal, India

e)    Maratha Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Pune, India

f)     Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kolkata, India

g)   World Association of Small and Medium Enterprise (WASME)

h)   Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI), Nepal

i)    Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, USA

j)      New York Chamber of Commerce & Industry, USA

k)   Merchants' Chamber of Commerce & Industry, West Bengal, India

l)      India Industries Association (IIA), Lucknow, UP, India

m)Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bhutan

n)   Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Tourism Sri Lanka (ASMET)

o)   International Chamber of Commerce, China

p)   The Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) 

q)   Chamber of Small Industry Associations (COSIA), Thane, Mumbai, India



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