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NASCIB is working with the following Objectives through which its helps its members, thereby enhancing the SME & Cottage Industries contribution to the economy of Bangladesh.

1. Enhancing industrialization of the country through the SME and Cottage Industries sector.

2. Developing the socio-economic condition of the country through extension and development of SME and Cottage Industries.

3. Formulating favorable policies for SME and Cottage Industries through dialogue with the Government and implementing it

4. Creating employment opportunities in the SME and Cottage Industries sector

5. Encouraging establishing Small and Cottage Industries based indigenous raw materials

6. Developing creative cottage industries for local and international markets

7. Providing consultancy and advisory services to SME and Cottage Industries entrepreneurs

8. Conducting research and development activities for SME and Cottage Industries promotion

9. Encouraging women entrepreneurs to establish SME and Cottage Industries and Provide opportunities for development

10. Safeguarding the rights and interests of the SME and Cottage Industries sector


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