Service Delivery To Members

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01. Infra-structure support

  • Provide assistance for allotment of industrial plots BSCIC Industrial estates.
  • Provide assistance to get Power, Gas, water and Telephone facilities
  • Provide assistance to get Trade licenses, Tin Certificate, Vat registration & others where necessary
  • Provide assistance regarding Project selection, Feasibility Study and Preparation of Business Plans


02. Credit Support

  • Provide assistance to get credit from NCBs and GFIs
  • Provide assistance to get credit for procurement of raw materials/inputs from home and abroad
  • Help to get credit support from special credit programs
  • Provide financial Consultancy


03. Policy Formulation

  • Participate in policy Formulation of SME and Cottage Industries with the Government
  • Provide suggestions and Recommendations on SME and Cottage Industries promotion to the Government and SME and Cottage Industries related agencies
  • Assist the Government with Solutions of SME and Cottage Industries Problems through proper dialogues


04.Tecnological Support

  • Provide Assistance to transfer inter organizational technology
  • Assist in intra-technological transfer amongSME and Cottage Industries
  • Provide Appropriate Technology to SME cottage industries
  • Assist in up gradation of Technology in SME and Cottage Industries production of Quality products
  • Provide necessary service to import technology from abroad for SME and Cottage Industries



  • Help SME and Cottage Industries create Marketing Opportunities
  • Help to improve the quality of SME and Cottage Industries products
  • ProvideInformation services to SME and Cottage industries for more new marketing areas
  • Help to increase productivity
  • provideassistance to Buyer –Seller Meets


06.Training program

  • New entrepreneurship creation
  • Productivity Management & Quality
  • Marketing &Branding
  • Environmental Protection & pollution control
  • Business Management & Accounting
  • Provide Training on Skill Development of SME and Cottage Industries
  • Provide Training on credit Attainment, Management and its proper Utilization


07.Workshop/ Seminar/ events

  • Arrange issue-based workshop
  • Organize national Seminar on SME and Cottage industries Development
  • Organize workshop and Seminar at various Districts for SME and Cottage Industries Promotion, identification of problems and highlighting important issues for the safeguard of the SME and Cottage Industries sector .
  • Attend Seminars at home and abroad
  • Attend trade fairs at home and abroad
  • Identify Problems of SME and Cottage industries and formulate Strategies on SME and Cottage Industries development
  • Organize Training of NASCIB Staff, Executives, for their capacity Building
  • Organize programs for strengthening the NASCIB Secretariat


08. Data Base Activities

  • Data Collection, Storage, Analysis
  • Conduct Study and Research
  • Disseminate study Report and Available Data to members, researchers, academicians, policy planners
  • Computerize data based and different publications at brochure, preparation of product directory, newsletter etc.


09. Dissemination of Information

  • Provide Industrial Information services
  • Provide Information regarding SME and Cottage industries activities
  • Provide Informationregarding Business Opportunities
  • Collect Information on product directory, Newsletter etc.


10.Research and Development

  • Conduct regular research on SME and Cottage Industries product development
  • Conduct regular research on SME and Cottage Industries activities in Bangladesh
  • Conduct research on constraints to SME and Cottage Industries development


11. Survey/ Study

  • Conduct Surveys and Studies on SME and Cottage Industries situation in Bangladesh
  • Conduct Surveys and Studies on SME and Cottage Industries in Various regions for Marketing


12. Internet Entrepreneurship Development Programs

NASCIB Offers its members the use of Internet and Website Facilities for the promotion of trade within the region and also with in the other countries.


13. Women Entrepreneurship Development Program

  • Organize women’s entrepreneurship Development Program in SME and Cottage Industries
  • Organize Workshop and seminars on Women and Gender Development issue on Trade Promotion
  • Arrange Linkage for women’s SME and Cottage industries Products for International and DomesticMarkets
  • Arrange Cluster production areas for women Entrepreneurs
  • Arrange Study tours for women Entrepreneurs for SME and Cottage Industries promotion



NASCIB is dedicated to the development of Small and cottage industry in the Country. For future thrust, NASCIB addresses various avenues for the strengthening and strategic planni9ng of SME and Cottage industries development

  • Development of Infra-structure of NASCIB
  • Access to financial Services
  • Market Intervention & market mediator
  • Technology dissemination
  • Business Management
  • Building Small Business Membership Organization
  • Capacity Building of Entrepreneurs and NASCIB Executives & staff
  • Modern Skill Training of SME and Cottage Industries Sector
  • Permanent display Centre ( under possess)
  • Regular Fair (local / international) programs
  • Sub –Contracting Initiatives with Big Business Enterprises
  • Found Procurement for entrepreneurship development
  • Facilitate Credit SME And Cottage industries Entrepreneurs
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