Help to get IRC, ERC, Certificate of Origin, Certification of membership, Visa request letter to the related Embassy, ESP & GSP Facilities.

Being a class one/A class categorized  association we provide following assistance to member:-

Infra-structural support

  • Provide assistance for allotment of Industrial plots of BSCIC Industrial Estates, Economic Zones etc
  • Provide assistance to get power, gas, water and telephone facilities
  • Provide assistance to get licenses and registration where necessary
  • Provide assistance regarding Project Selection, Feasibility Study and Preparation of Business Plans

Credit Support

  • Provide assistance to get credit from MFIs and Banks.
  • Provide assistance to get credit for procurement of raw materials/inputs from home and abroad
  • Help to get credit support from special credit programs
  • Provide Financial Consultancy

Policy Formulation

  • Participate in Policy Formulation of MSME & Cottage Industries with the Government
  • Provide Suggestions and Recommendations on MSME promotion to the Government and MSME related Agencies
  • Assist the Government with Solutions of MSME Problems through proper dialogue

Technological Support

  • Provide Assistance to transfer inter organizational technology
  • Assist in Intra-technological transfer among MSMEs & Cottage Industries
  • Provide Appropriate Technology to MSMEs & Cottage Industries
  • Assist in Up gradation of Technology in MSMEs & Cottage Industries production of quality products
  • Provide necessary services to import technology from abroad for MSMEs & Cottage Industry development.  

Marketing Facilities

  • Help MSMEs & Cottage Industries to create marketing opportunities
  • Help to improve the quality of MSMEs & Cottage Industry products
  • Provide information services to MSMEs & Cottage Industries for more new marketing areas.
  • Help to increase productivity in MSMEs & Cottage Industries
  • Provide assistance to Buyer-Seller Meets

Training Programs

  • Arrange Training on Productivity Development & Demand based programs
  • Provide Training on Skill Development of MSMEs & Cottage Industries
  • Provide Training on Credit Attainment, Management and its proper Utilization
  • Provide Training on Management, Quality Control, Marketing and Environmental Protection and Pollution Control


  • Arrange Issue-based Workshops
  • Organize National Seminars on MSME & Cottage Industry Development
  • Organize Workshop and Seminars at various Districts for MSME & Cottage Industry promotion, identification of problems and highlighting important issues for the safeguard of the MSME & Cottage Industry sector.
  • Attend Seminars at home and abroad
  • Identify Problems of MSME & Cottage Industry and formulate Strategies on MSME & Cottage Industry development
  • Organize Training for strengthening and capacity building of NASCIB secretariat.

Data Base Activities

  • Data Collection, Storage, Analysis
  • Conduct Study and Research
  • Disseminate Study Reports and available Data to members, researchers, academicians, policy planners
  • Computerize database and different publications as brochure, product directory, newsletter etc. 

Dissemination of Information

  • Provide Industrial Information services
  • Provide Information regarding MSME & Cottage Industry activities
  • Provide Information regarding Business Opportunities
  • Collect Information on product Directory, Newsletter etc

Research and Development

  • Conduct regular research on MSME & Cottage Industry product development
  • Conduct research on MSME & Cottage Industry activities in Bangladesh
  • Conduct research on Constraints to MSME & Cottage Industry development

Survey/ Study

  • Conduct Surveys and Studies on MSME & Cottage Industry situation in Bangladesh
  • Conduct Surveys and Studies on MSME & Cottage Industry in Various regions for marketing opportunities

Internet/Web site Facilities

  • NASCIB offers its members the use of Internet and Website Facilities for the promotion of trade within the region and also with other countries

Women Entrepreneurship Development Programs

  • Organize Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programs in MSMEs & Cottage Industries
  • Organize Workshops and seminars on Women and Gender Development Issues in Trade Promotion
  • Arrange Linkage for Women’s MSME Products & Cottage Industry for International and Domestic Markets
  • Arrange Cluster Production Areas for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Arrange Study Tours for Women Entrepreneurs for MSME & Cottage Industry Promotion.

Business Assistance Services

  • NASCIB provides services to the MSME & Cottage Industry Entrepreneurs through the Business Development Centre (BDC) at NASCIB Head Office and also at the District Offices