Sector & Subsectors

The Industry and Enterprise/Business Holdings of NASCIB members are grouped into the following Sub-sectors

  1. Crafts, Handicrafts, Handmade units, Cottage Industry Products, Embroidery, Candle Products.
  2. Paper, Board, Converting, Packaging, Printing, Carton making and Specialized paper products.
  3. Light Engineering, Marine Engineering & Workshop.
  4. Chemicals, Soap, Ink, Alkatra, Gelatin and Silica absorbent and allied products (Alum, Copper Sulphet, Plaster of Paris) etc.
  5. Drugs and Medicines, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Clinics and allied units/products.
  6. Textiles (dyeing, printing, weaving, spinning and binding).
  7. Leather, Leather Products, hides and skins.
  8. Metal Industries (Iron steel etc.), Re-rolling Mills, Nuts and Bolts, Workshop and foundry.
  9. Wire nails, G.I. wires, pipes and allied products.
  10. Garments, Knitting, Tailoring, Quilt & Bedding units.
  11. Food, Food products, Logence, Bakery, Confectionery, Beverages and Tobacco.
  12. Wood Processing, Saw Mills, Carpentry, Matches and Timber Complex/units.
  13. Constructions, Light builders, R.C.C Pipes Brick manufacturing and Allied Units.
  14. Printing press and Publications (Journals, Newspapers etc.) and Advertising firms.
  15. Cold storage, Ice plant, Ice cream and Allied units (Freezing units).
  16. Hotels & Restaurants (services), Community Services Industry.
  17. Electric & Electronics, Battery and Electro-platting.
  18. Rubber, Plastics, Polypropylene, Polyester, Molding compounds, Rexine, PVC and Polythene (LDP, HDP & LLDP) & Allied products/Units.
  19. Sanitary Wares and Hardwires/Insulator, Porcelain Wares and Ceramic items & Allied products/Units.
  20. Netting (Nylon, cotton, polythene etc.) and Boat making.
  21. Aluminum, Aluminum foil, Nickeling, Chrome, Coating, Cutleries etc.
  22. Stationery, Globes, Books and Booklets, Binding etc.
  23. Furniture, Fixtures, Bamboo and Cane Industry.
  24. Perfumes and Toiletry.
  25. Communication, Transportation, Automobiles, Vehicles, Garages & Storages etc.
  26. General Trading, Storing (godowns), Garages & Storages etc.
  27. Poultry, Dairy, Hatchery and Fishing, Animal husbandry and Agri-based Plants/Farms.
  28. Rice,Flour, Chira, Husking, Salt, Vermicelli(semai), Mosalla, Spices and Allied Mills
  29. Photography, Studio, Audio-video, documentary film and Cinema, Photostat & Allied units.
  30. Washing, Calendaring, Heat Sealing etc.
  31. Jewelry, Decorations, Giftware items and Showpieces.