Activities of NASCIB

Infra-structure Development of National and District Offices as well as entrepreneurs NASCIB provides supports to the National and District Offices in order to offer services to the members of the Association and entrepreneurs involved with SME and Cottage Industries sector, through conducting programs, organizing trade and commerce related activities and supervising industrial promotional Industrial.

Fairs : NASCIB organizes centrally at Dhaka and also at the District level, annual and Seasonal Industrial Fairs, either through the Association or in collaboration with Bangladesh Bank, SME Foundation, BSCIC, District Chambers and SME and Cottage Industries related Organizations,

Publication : NASCIB publish a Quarterly Newsletter with Trade, Business and other Information on sector.

Trade Information SME and Cottage Industries : NASCIBprovides business information to its members as and when needed. It maintains a Library at the Dhaka central office, which has a good collection. Industrial journals, Books on Trade and Commerce, International Pulication along with recent Government Circulars, Gazettes concerning business, trade and Industry, Information SME and Cottage Industries on Tariff and Taxes etc. for the benefit of the members.

Advocacy : NASCIB takes up advocacy and Lobbying at the central Level with different Ministries, Government Departments and related Organizations to protect the interests of the SME and Cottage Industries sector by presenting the problems and issues through diffrerent sub-committees and consultative groups.

Arbitration : NASCIB arbitrates disputes on trade related problems between parties (usually members) and settle disputes where Association members are concerned.

Promotional Services for entrepreneurial development : NASCIB provides promotional services to its members as and when required for business development and Small and Cottage Industries enhancement.

Human Resource Development for the growth of SME and Cottage Industries : NASCIB organize HRD through training in Management, Skill development, Creative Research and Innovative Production.

Dialogue with the Government for formulating favorable policies : NASCIB maintains regular dialogue with Government for initiating and formulating polices for the development of the SME & Cottage Industry sector & contributing to the national economy through entrepreneurial growth in SME & Cottage Industry throughout the country.